Friday, May 30, 2008

Camp Missions?

Is there a connection between Christian Camping and front-line missions? There is at TbarM! This past week, Molly and I have been in south Texas working alongside our ministry friends at TbarM. (Well, I've been working, and Molly's been swimming, barn swinging, crafting, and generally goofing off!) Many of you know of my love and history with the Christian camp scene. I've enjoyed a long standing friendship and partnership with Laity Lodge Youth Camps (LLYC) near Kerville, TX, and I continue to jump at the chance to connect with them. Since our time overseas, our family has been diving into the staff training week at TbarM, which has camp properties near Austin and New Braunfels, TX.

One of the reasons I've agreed to partner with TbarM is their commitment to engage their staff and campers in global endeavors. They know that "Fun" is a cross-cultural language, opening doors of opportunity that transcend language and culture. Just check out their Camp Amazon option which brings the fun and faith-filled camp experience to a remote access area of the world. No, I don't think they replaced the archery range with blow darts...

For years I've been exploring effective methods for bringing the gospel message to those with little or no access to our Message. Without question, bringing that message in person stands out - the missional-incarnational approach - as a way of conveying what we believe. Just as Christ was the visible manifestation of the invisible Father, so now we have become the living, breathing, and visible manifestation of His love on earth. Christian Associates stands firm on this incarnational footing. So do the solid people at these amazing camps.

For more information on the missional-incarnational approach to spreading the gospel, pick up a copy of Alan Hirsch's book "The Forgotten Ways".

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Glad you are back on the blogger scene! Maybe this will inspire me to get another blog going myself. Much grace to you in your new work:) James