Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Wednesday Update

Skype. I'm not sure this was even a word until a few years ago. Well, maybe it meant something in Iceland. Now, Skype is a word that means, "stay in touch by audio and video for free from anywhere in the world." Nice word, it is. Laura enjoyed a few Skype moments with the kids from the airport lounge before we headed overseas. Molly is a registered Skype instructor (at least she instructs Claire). Then we left on a jet plane. By the time we hit London, we were both pooped out. Laura caught a bit of shut-eye in a lounge chair. I prefer to sleep in a prone position, which didn't happen until we got to a home in Lisbon.

Today we reached the fishing village where the leadership Summit will happen. That nasty storm front that hit our eastern seaboard last week has now arrived in Europe. Really. Same system now in Portugal. The waves outside of our window were reaching 10 feet today, and will top out tomorrow morning at 20 feet. Surf's up, dude.

Laura met lots of CA people today. They welcomed her into the CA tribe like a long lost sister. It was fun to see them literally embrace her as family. This brought a deeper sense of belonging to my heart, to see these two worlds finally coming together. I'll write more about that, and other things, tomorrow.

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ncvw said...

Cute pictures!Welcome back to Europe :) Jan and I look forward to greeting you soon.