Friday, May 1, 2009

New Monthly Email Newsletter!

Hello to all of our cyber-friends out there! Starting in the month of May, we will be publishing and sending out a monthly family newsletter by email. In addition to this blog, the newsletter will feature items about our ministry involvements, special features, photos and other very exciting data (for all of those who get excited about data).

If you already participate as part of our financial support team, you will automatically get our newsletters as a PDF document by email. This gives you the freedom to open and read it at your leisure.

If you are part of our prayer network around the world, and would like to receive the newsletters, please send a quick email to Laura (the publishing editor :-) at

I will continue to blog thoughts, ideas and news here as well.

Thank you all for joining this journey with us. We look forward to many more days of Kingdom building together with you.

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