Thursday, August 27, 2009

Going Hostel

Avignon, France
Have you ever stayed in a European hostel? Let me describe it for you. Picture a coed, communal, university dormitory. Four people to a room. Bathrooms down the hall. Shower with a knob you push to get the water to come out in 10 second bursts. Hans & Frans pulsing techno-pop through the wall. If you've ever wanted to live in a nudist colony, a European hostel would be a step in that direction. (If you've ever wanted to interact with a global community, a European hostel is a step in that direction as well.)

God knows all about European hostels. He describes the sleeping conditions perfectly.

The bed is too short to stretch out on;
The blanket too narrow to wrap around you.
Isaiah 28:20


Rogier Bos said...

Enjoying rooming with you! However, you forget to mention your own snoring and how it is keeping the rest of the hallway awake at night! :-)

Rob said...

Hey, that is my joke verse... ;)