Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Summer Investments

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Take a moment to read Deuteronomy 6:4-9.

God’s people were given the law by Moses, but this wasn’t just a message to the adults. God intended for parents to pass along this way of living to the next generation.

I’m not sure about the culture in which you live. I can tell you that families in our world move at a very fast pace. Between youth sports, activities, and adult commitments some families rarely spend time together. The old fashioned “family dinner” has gone the way of the Yeti – heard about, but rarely seen!

These verses may actually help you as a parent. It seems to grasp that dedicated time for spiritual discussion may not happen very often. Instead, this passage encourages integration – bringing spiritual concepts into the everyday rhythm of life. Look at the times and places we are to discuss spiritual matters:

At home – whether sharing meals, games, or just moving on to the next thing.
Along the road – in the midst of commuting between activities.
In the evening – before going to bed.
In the morning – while enjoying breakfast together.
In your hands and on your mind – wherever you go, thinking about the way the Lord intends for you to live.
On your doorframes and gates – reminders placed throughout the house.

The Lord is interested in those special moments when we give Him our full attention and affection, certainly. Still, God knows full well that life is not lived in a monastery. He desires us to transfer the ideas of being part of His family in the very midst of enjoying life with our own families.

Think of some of the spiritual themes that could surface during the course of your average day: honesty, responsibility, forgiveness, gossip, jealousy, kindness, compassion, anger, disrespect, obedience, humility, and the list goes on.

This summer, invest in your family by integrating spiritual concepts into the conversations of your day. Talk about what happened at the ball field, what message a movie meant to convey, or how you can be a blessing to someone else. Don’t wait for “extra time” to show up.

I love the sign at the T Bar M Camp gate that reads, “Love God: Love Others.” Why not place a similar sign above your front door? It’s a good reminder for any season.

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