Friday, September 3, 2010

Life Beyond Prison

A most interesting lunch today with Craig. He robbed 14 banks in 3 days before he was arrested, then spent the next decade in a Colorado state penitentiary. Craig's life was forever altered when he came to faith in Jesus Christ, and then spent the balance of his prison term being discipled by the faith community "behind the walls." He got out about a year ago and has launched an amazing ministry to help felons transition back into the free world.

My friend Jeff and I had lunch with Craig today to talk about Rod Workman, who was released on parol this past week. We met Rod behind bars, and were stunned by his mature faith and humility. Jeff and I will join a mentoring team to help Rod transition back into life outside of prison over the next few months.

Jeff, Craig and I will be standing at the Greyhound bus station this coming week when Rod steps off the bus in downtown Denver. Can't wait to hug his neck and welcome him to the next chapter in his faith journey.

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