Friday, February 17, 2012

Reflections on the Radical Road - What then shall I do?

Based on the sermon series The Radical Road: Abandoning Yourself to Follow Jesus taught by Mike Romberger, Senior Pastor, Mission Hills Church

Sermon Title: A Radical Question – Luke 3:1-14

When confronted with the reality of God, we all must wrestle with this singular question, found in verse 10:

“What then shall we do?”

As Mike pointed out, this question came to John the Baptist from three groups of people: the crowd, the tax collectors, and the soldiers. All three groups experienced the tension created when their lifestyles collided with God’s plan for living.

The key question has tumbled around in my heart all week, and in a very personal way. It echoes back to me in different notes, all of which bounce off of something solid found in God’s character.

In light of God’s relentless pursuit of restored relationships, what should I do about that broken friendship?

In light of the coming judgment of God, what should I do about my colleagues who don’t know him?

Because God expressed his love for me though I was by nature a sinner, how should I express my love – and his love – for my neighbors?

When I embrace God’s holiness, what should I do about my sinfulness?

In light of the humility I see in Jesus, what then should happen to my pride?

Because God has offered grace and mercy beyond all comprehension, how then should I live?

Now it is your turn. How does this declaration of the Savior alter your living today? In other words…

What then should you do?

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